About the Psychedelic Society

psychedelic society
The San Francisco Psychedelic Society is a bay area organization devoted to weaving community with people from all walks of life who share an interest in the exploration of altered states of consciousness. We provide community, support and integration resources to those seeking harm reduction, spiritual growth and personal development. We emphasize access without dogma and the destigmatization of all drugs.

The current leaders of this organization are pictured here, from the left Seth Warner, Danielle Negrin and Damla Gunngor.

The History of the Society

Daniel Jabbour birthed the San Francisco Psychedelic Society in December of 2011 during the MAPS Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland. He rapidly began holding a variety of meetings and events for the group, from harm reduction to digital security and even speaking at Burning Man. Sadly, two years after the groups inception Daniel Jabour passed away, leaving the community at a massive loss and with uncertain leadership.

In April of 2018 there was a search for new leadership and several people stepped up to share the responsibility of the society; Danielle Negrin, Damla Gunngor, and Seth Warner. We regularly hold a number of recurring events with a variety of small groups for support and integration as well as larger community meetups. We intend to keep this momentum growing and flowing as we continue to help weave new relationships in the bay areas psychedelic community.