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Psychedelic Variety Episode One: Ismail L. Ali of M.A.P.S. on Psychedelic Decriminalization, Policy, and Harm Reduction

April 6, 2021

Welcome to our new podcast, the Psychedelic Variety Show!

This new offering is our answer to covering current events in psychedelics, connecting with collaborators, bringing experts to our audience, teaching skills, and expanding consciousness to new states and heights. We will be featuring a variety of speakers from the global psychedelic community, as well as highlighting important stories and experiences from our members.

In this conversation Seth and Danielle Speak with Ismail (Izzy) Ali who serves as policy and advocacy council to M.A.P.S., the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

This conversation serves as our third annual conversation with Izzy as a general check in on the current status of psychedelics, policy, demystifying decriminalization, and more.

After an opening with Ismail, reviewing his experiences growing up muslim in America, being the son of immigrants, and connecting with family through plant medicines, the crew discusses Izzy’s work with the recently proposed State Bill SB-519 that would make psychedelics decriminalized in California and touch on a number of topics tangential to this big push towards decriminalization.

Ismail is also a founding member of The Psychedelic Bar Association, find out more at