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We Believe That You Will Help Us Grow

The San Francisco Psychedelic Society comes to this community with great generosity and faith. We continue to hold the cultivation of a healing community as our highest and deepest value which means that, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, financial gain takes a backseat amidst a heavily capitalist society.

While our growth is consistent it depends on people like YOU to help us broaden our programming and embolden our offerings at a pace that can hope to keep up with rapidly expanding need for psychedelic community services. The Psychedelic Renaissance needs at least as much support from the ground up as it currently receives from the top down.

Make a donation to the SF Psychedelic Society and help our team root this exciting cultural moment into a lasting cultural movement generating individual and community empowerment into perpetuity. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Your donations will be frugally funneled into

Accessibility is a high value for us. 10-25% tickets of any given event are provided at low or no cost to community members in need. Invest in a program that empowers your own, fueling our scholarship programs for events and membership and diversifying our community.

Support/Integration – As a non-profit we believe that integration should be free, or more accurately a cultural norm like “Hey grandma I want to do mushrooms, can you help me prepare and integrate?” That is why our support groups and integration circles are moving towards a fully donation based model. Contribute to psychedelic empowerment through support and integration services.

Education – Our educational programming is only just beginning to take shape. We have evolved from platforming important voices from our community into more workshops like our mushroom cultivation classes and multi week courses like Psychedelic Summer School. Help us invest in higher production value and compensate our talented collaborators in evermore meaningful ways.

A Home Location in the Bay Area is a vision we are gaining momentum towards, a place for all of our current offerings and more, a place to connect, create and educate. Let this be just a teaser for the time being and more information to come.


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