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The Psychedelic Society brings depth connection into the fabric of a currently mainstreaming psychedelic movement.

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Since May 2018 (19 Months)

SFPS Has Hosted And Partnered On
200 Events
SFPS Has Helped Prepare and Integrate The Journeys Of
1,515 People
On September 16th 2019 SFPS Became A
501(c)(3) NonProfit
Benefits of Membership


-Get a 10% discount on all SFPS events and select partner events.

-Advance notice for our most popular events.

-Access to monthly member meetups.

-Help the Psychedelic Society grow and weave a bigger and deeper community.


Envisioning Psychedelic Society

Weaving Community – Membership will help us build a tighter knit center of our community that provides more opportunities to connect for our most committed members.

Support/Integration – Find deepened support and integration in a community of like minded individuals and future friends. Our members will receive advanced notice to our most popular events and integration circles.

Historians – We are on the leading edge of a cultural shift and we are increasingly committed to documenting the voices, experiences, and narratives that define this psychedelic renaissance.

We Need Your Help – The (SF) Psychedelic Society is growing but not as much as the demand for our events. We seek to provide this community with as much support, education, and community as is desired and that means a lot more work for us.




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