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Connect. Learn. Recover. Integrate. Play.
Join our Global Community


Join the largest psychedelic society in the United States that has produced over 300 educational events, supported thousands of individuals with integrating their psychedelic experiences, helped decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi in Oakland and cultivated countless connections across the globe.

Through education, community development, and peer to peer support we advocate for the transformational healing potential of psychedelic medicines while integrating their ephemeral wisdom into our broader culture, fostering psychedelic society.

Becoming a member is vital to furthering our mission and our growing impact in the community. You can play a supporting role in the continued development of our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and help spread these healing spores while receiving some benefits from our fruitful connection.

Membership Benefits

At least 10% off all events

Access to all integration & support groups

Advanced notice on popular events

Online member only meetups

Gratification of empowering a healing psychedelic culture

What is the cost of membership?

Our membership comes to you at a comfortable sliding scale $10-100 per month, or $100-1,000 per year. We ask that you give in a way that is meaningful to you. Membership payments are reocurring and will get renewed monthly or yearly depending on which plan you choose. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

What is this money supporting?

Until now, all of our growth has been built on a nearly non-existent budget, so we know how to do a lot with little and can guarantee that your contributions will be used to leverage the following:

Weaving Community – The membership program will help us build a tighter knit core community with more opportunities to connect, learn, share support, be supported and GROW!

Accessibility – is a high value for us. 10-25% tickets of each event are provided at low or no cost to community members in need.  Your generosity further empowers our own, fueling our scholarship programs for events and membership.

Support/Integration – As a non-profit we believe that integration should be free! Or at least donation based and that is why we are switching to make our support groups and integrations circles free. Your membership helps us make our most essential services available to everyone. 

We Need Your Help – The SF Psychedelic Society is growing but not as much as the demand for our groups, circles and educational offerings. We seek to provide this community with the support, education, and connection it craves. Your membership helps water the garden of projects that is quickly coming into full bloom thanks to the support from loving community members like you


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