This video features our Executive Director Danielle Negrin speaking on a panel at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) talking about transforming out of addiction with psychedelics, her work with SF Psychedelic Society and Decriminalize Nature. The panel is on the Past, Present, and Future of Psychedelics with Brad Burge of MAPS, Jahan Khamsehzadeh and Natalie Metz (CIIS/ERIE)

This forum consists of a panel that will explore the past, present, and future potentials of psychedelics in regards to the progress of our species. Avenues of exploration include current research on psychedelics; national legalization and local decriminalization; the evolution of consciousness; psychotherapeutic healing; and indigenous wisdom. Those on the panel are situated in unique roles for helping psychedelics both safely and consciously integrate into society, and their professions in the field of psychedelics enable them to offer worthy and diverse contributions to the conversation. ?

Psychedelics have played important roles in each of their lives and they are each committed to integrating these medicines into society in the best ways possible. These medicines?which are catalyzing paradigm shifts in medicine, psychology, philosophy, art, ecology and beyond?are being accepted by conventional culture (exemplified by Michael Pollan?s recent best-seller and projections that MDMA will be medically rescheduled by 2021 and psilocybin by 2022) and may impact virtually every field of human endeavor. This panel will present the current state of psychedelics from several perspectives and speculate on the approaching psychedelic (R)evolution.