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On-Going Community Support

Microdosing is not a magic pill. There is work to do if the goal is to grow and improve. Our community is rapidly growing and increasingly well educated, providing you with the necessary outlets to build healing and supportive connections in addition to your studies of our course material and your self.

Trusted Knowledge

Our team includes the father of modern microdosing, James Fadiman in addition to Hein and Jakobien of Hollands Microdosing Institute as well as an up and coming coach Adam Bramlage of Flow State Micro. Joined and moderated by Seth and Danielle of The San Francisco Psychedelic Society, these conversations dig deep.

Something For Everyone

Our Course contains:
-5 informational classes
-A graduation ceremony.
-100+ Educational Slides
-A growing number of supplemental videos.
-An 24/7 chat room.
-Weekly Zoom calls for The Microdosing Support Network
-A Microdosing Journal to track your progress.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Fadiman Black and White (1)

James Fadiman

Father Of Modern Microdosing

James Fadiman is an American psychologist and writer. He is acknowledged for his extensive work in the field of psychedelic research and is considered the father of modern microdosing.

Adam BW headshot-crop (1)

Adam Bramlage

Founder | Flow State Micro

Founder Of Flow State Micro he provides one on one coaching services and microdosing products with a wide variety of clients such as athletes with CTE and individuals in recovery from addiction.

jakobien-van-der-weijden-bw3 (2) (1)

Jakobien Van Der Weijden

Co-Founder | Microdosing Institute

Van Der Weijden is the cofounder of Microdosing Institute and has been in service of the Psychedelic Renaissance since 2003, working with several organizations that promote psychedelics research with plant medicine.

DanielleNegrin-headshotbw (1)

Danielle Nova

Executive Director | Psychedelic Society SF

Danielle is dedicated to exploring mental health, personal development and overcoming substance abuse and trauma through integrative techniques with psychoactive substances.

hein-microdosing-coach (2)

Hein Pijnnaken

Co-Founder | Microdosing Institute

Founder of Microdosing Institute he was introduced to the healing potential of microdosing in 2016, and began his own independent research to evaluate its effects on ADHD, cluster headaches, and depression.

Seth Headshot BW 400x400 (2)

Seth Warner

Communications Director | Psychedelic Society SF

Seth Warner is a community builder and mushroom cultivation educator who intends to democratize the most empowering methods of access and usage regarding psychedelic compounds.

Explore Our Course Contents

Class 1

Welcome To The Microdosing Movement

You will learn about this new wave of microdosing LSD and Psilocybin and get to know their differences, while understanding the science behind this practice and its many applications.

Class 2

Lay Of The Land & Psychic Preparation

Find your focus and set your intentions. You will learn about the best practices for starting microdosing in addition to developing your inner-guide and relationship with the substance.

Class 3

Meeting The Microdose & James Fadiman Q+A

You will learn about dosing and protocols, how to make a test dose. James Fadiman shares about the creation of his widely used protocol in addition to responding to many of our communities FAQ's

Class 4

Navigation & Integration In Practice

Learn how to navigate your microdosing experience and be present for the material coming up through understanding integration, its importance, and how to apply it to your everyday life.

Class 5

Microdosing For Mental Health

You will learn about microdosing for mental health and addiction interruption. Learn from individuals’ personal experiences with a discussion on weaning from pharmaceuticals and speaking with your doctor or therapist.


Initiation Ceremony

In this final week, we celebrate with an initiation ceremony, an opportunity to honor the six weeks of dedication that we have put into this experience, and welcoming in your microdosing journey.

Learn Even More From Our Supplemental Videos

In these two videos Seth and Hein teach some simple yet reliable methods of microdose preperation using both mushrooms and LSD (analogues).

In these meditations Daniel Sitaram of Mt. Tam Integration teaches about setting intentions for your microdosing journey and a meditation for grounding if anxiety comes up.

As a former high school science teacher, Dreamer brought her background to solving her problem of panic attacks and anxiety when she was coming off benzodiazapenes and experiencing horrible side effects. When she found the amanita muscaria mushroom and the bad information on the internet she was determined to help others by creating a channel to help teach correct information and create a safe space for a community of others who have lost their tribe.

Charlotte James and Undrea Wright of The Sabina Project discuss how individuals can use microdosing to strengthen their resolve, and identify their true role in our collective liberation. By resisting oppression and preparing for collective liberation work, you can uncover the unique medicine you can offer to the world.

In this video Elizabeth Bast provides her take on microdosing which she refers to as a plant spirit apprenticeship, viewing the choice to ingest small amounts of plant material asa gateway to deepened relations with these beings. Elizabeth also shares her knowledge on the use of Iboga for microdosing and primarily why this should be approached with high caution and in most cases not at all.

Xhalida September is a civil rights and psychedelic activist who shares with us how her creative process has been impacted by her work with both micro and macrodosing. She shares a beautiful songthat represents the fruits of her growht and understanding.

We Believe That Community Is Key
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Microdosing SUpport Network

Our course comes complete with a consistent offering of microdosing support network meetings whether you purchase the course or not.

Whether you have pressing questions, need clarification on course materials, emotional support or simply wish to share your nuanced experiences with a group...

On-Going Community Support

If you cannot wait to join our next support group you can always check out our Microdosing Movement Discord Server anytime.

This online chatroom provides an opportunity to quickly connect with other students from your local area and around the world.
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